Bluesmart Series 2
Passport Holder

Passport Pouch

Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

Cabin 22

Cabin 22"

Check 29

Check 29"



About Us

You can go anywhere.

We are frequent flyers from diverse cultural backgrounds who love technology and share a passion for travel. We believe travel makes us better human beings: wiser, more aware and open minded.

Conceived with the modern traveler in mind.

Bluesmart is the world’s first smart luggage brand. We design, manufacture and market connected and sleek products to seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology and design.

Travel Smart

We know what it’s like to travel frequently, and we’ve learned how to do it in the most efficient way possible. Traveling light is no longer enough. We look to travel smart, too.

The smart start to every journey

Series 2 is not just a luggage set. It's the result of years of R&D and obsessive hand-picking of each material to make it look every bit as powerful as it is.

The sky
is not the limit

At Bluesmart, we challenge boundaries, pushing innovation and limits every single day. We didn’t enter the industry to just make the best smart luggage; we entered with the goal of making the best luggage in the world. We obsess over quality and details and we go the extra mile for it. Your journey is our blueprint.

Seamless, two-fold technology

We combine hardware –the Series 2 product– and software

–the app– to improve every journey, in every step of the way.

Sky-high standards
Sky-high satisfaction

Bluesmart is all about frictionless travel. We seek to not only meet your needs, but to anticipate them. We create smart luggage to enhance your travel experience.

Less friction, more function

Before Bluesmart, our users had to deal with a number of issues associated with travel: bulky luggage with no functionality, multiple chargers for different devices, uncertainty about baggage weight, and –a classic we’ve all suffered lost or delayed luggage and the utter lack of information on its whereabouts. We addressed these pain points and added some extras to create unique experiences.


Your own personal hub

We understand that a trip begins long before heading to the airport. All our products are trackable and connect to your personal hub through the App, providing you with constant connection, protection and control of your belongings every step of the journey.

One-way ticket to a smart future.

We create and deliver connected gear that will make every journey a smooth ride, and we are constantly evolving to keep up with modern travel.

Here’s to the future of travel

Bluesmart One was the World’s First Smart Suitcase. Series 2 is our latest smart luggage system, that brings a full set of connected travel products. We picture a future where all your belongings are synced, safe and sleek. Here’s to the journey that will take us there.